These two new beads (the Twin is the green, Super Duo is blue) have made quite a splash since they burst onto the market last year. Although they are very similar in shape and size, there are a few notable differences. They are both Czech glass two- hole beads, but a different manufacturing process is used for each one.

Twin beads are manufactured in crystal and black, and then the color is applied as a coating.  Super Duos have a slightly different shape, and tend to be more consistent in size and shape. There are more colors and finishes available and tend to be more durable because the color is part of the bead rather than a coating.

In spite of these differences, I have used both in many different patterns, and rarely have an issue. The one exception is the Boa necklace. When made with Twin beads, the rope flattens out instead of remaining round.

compare twin bead and super duo

Compare twin and super duo