Tila Loom Bracelet

I was amazed at all of the different beads you can actually use in a loom project.  This bracelet works up quickly with 2 colors of Tilas on a Jewel Loom.  I like the Jewel Loom better than Rick's Loom or the Endless Loom because you don't have to know how many rows you will need when you start the project. I used 6lb Fireline for the warp and weft threads.

There are plenty of good videos out there on setting up and working with a loom if you need a refresher.  Here's one by Beadalon:

When you finish weaving in the warp threads, you can add your clasp by creating loops as show in the picture above out of 15/0 seed beads.  The 4 strand clasp fits perfectly for this project.


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