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Kits are a great way to learn a new pattern or technique without having to hunt for all of the bits and pieces. Our kits are known for the detailed color instructions with pictures and diagrams to help describe the tricky parts.

Each kit includes needle and thread and is packaged in a handy reusable plastic box to help you keep organized!

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  1. Wheatfield Pendant Kit - Silver
  2. Wheatfield Pendant Kit - Gold Wheatfield Pendant Kit - Gold
  3. Double Diamondback Bracelet Kit
  4. Arcos Pendant Kit Arcos Pendant Kit
  5. Wisteria Necklace Kit Rose
  6. Medallion Necklace Kit Medallion Necklace Kit
  7. Vega Sm Mandella Colorway
  8. Twilight Earrings Kit Gold
  9. Twilight Earrings Kit Blue
  10. Half Tila Wrap Bracelet Kit Half Tila Wrap Bracelet Kit
  11. Egyptian Collar
  12. Spiral Rope Necklace Kit Spiral Rope Necklace Kit
  13. Moon River Earring Kit
  14. Starlight Necklace Kit
    Out of Stock
  15. Grapevine Necklace Paladium Grapevine Necklace Paladium
  16. Delphi's Diamonds Vega
  17. BOA Necklace and Pendant Kit BOA Necklace and Pendant Kit
  18. Crystal Causeway Bracelet
    Out of Stock
  19. Painted Arrow Supplies Only Kit
    Out of Stock
  20. Petite Couronne - Christmas Petite Couronne - Christmas
  21. Petite Couronne - Purple
  22. Petite Couronne - Matte Gold
  23. Crystal Comet - Silver Crystal Comet - Silver
  24. Teaberry Necklace Silver Teaberry Necklace Silver
  25. Teaberry Necklace Gold Teaberry Necklace Gold
  26. Tennis Bracelet Gold Colorway
  27. Wisteria Necklace Kit Blue
  28. Netted Crystal Bracelet Netted Crystal Bracelet
  29. Santa Earring Kit
    Out of Stock
  30. Cellini Earrings Kit - Raspberry/Blue Iris
  31. Cellini Earrings Kit - Black/Gold
  32. Cellini Earrings Kit - Turquoise
  33. Rivoli Bezel - Bermuda Blue
  34. Rivoli Bezel - Light Vitrail
  35. Rivoli Bezel - Clear AB/Aqua
  36. River Run Bracelet River Run Bracelet
  37. Peyote Ruffle Necklace Kit Peyote Ruffle Necklace Kit
  38. Pol's Pride Kit - Green Pol's Pride Kit - Green
  39. Leaves of Excellence - Green Leaves of Excellence - Green
  40. Herringbone Bracelet Kit - Bronze
  41. Herringbone Bracelet Kit - Black Herringbone Bracelet Kit - Black
  42. Flag Bracelet Kit
  43. Empress Pendant - Bronze Empress Pendant - Bronze
    Out of Stock
  44. Cellini Bracelet Kit - Sage
  45. Cellini Bracelet Kit - Aqua
  46. Bugle Earring Kit - Silver
  47. Bugle Earring Kit - Black/Bronze
  48. Art Deco Kit
  49. Elizabeth's Purple Spring Elizabeth's Purple Spring
Grid List

Items 1-49 of 49

Set Ascending Direction